About Us

Meet David!

David first started his online journey sometime in 2012 when he stumbled upon the
stereotypical "make $1,000 per day" products which were flooding the internet.

At first, I ignored them because they had to be scams but, worn down by the continuous
bombardment of emails and advertisements he decide to take a look.

Nothing is what it seems online!

The biggest problem David faced was that whichever product he purchased,
which were supposed to show him how to make money online, they always let him down.

The sales pages were so deceiving and misleading and promised WAY more than they delivered.

He was literally in a continuous loop of buying product after product after product, never really getting anywhere.

After 12 months he still had not made a single commission or sale!

No one to trust online!

It was perfectly obvious that no one actually wanted to help others make
money online, they only wanted your email address and to make you buy their product!

Once you parted with your money, the rug was pulled from underneath
the flashy sales pages and promises of easy money, and all David was left
with was a worthless method or strategy.

The so called gurus out there have ruthless and psychologically triggered
sales pages that will trick the most sensible to buy!

David Whiting